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Here, you will find key information about life in Year 1!

Miss S Moll,
Year 1 Class Teacher.

Mrs L Taylor, Miss L Saggers

Teaching Team

Contact email: year1@obps.set.education

Summer Term

This year is flying past! We are currently loving the brand new garden area and excited to get our seedlings growing outside.

If you are ding any growing of your own we would love to hear about it or see pictures

We will soon be tackling numbers beyond fifty so please spend time with your children counting, recognising, grouping and comparing 2 digit numbers so they are confident and ready for this.

Our history topic is learning about the American visitors who were living in Old Buckenham in 1944...

We now know the airfield was built for their use during World War Two and have found out that there is a memorial in Old BUckenham Village Hall, at Old Buckenham Airfield and further information at the Forum in Norwich. Why not visit yourself?



We are wearing green on Thursday and explorign ways all week to recognise and manage our emotions. 

Lots of the class said they never walk to school and for some it isn't possible so we talked about walking part of the way in some days, or scooting or cycling!


Red, white and blue!

(We will not be changing reading books on this day, and will keep our current books and change them next Friday to allow more time to read the new books in school).


Please find information from both the Phonics and handwriting workshop and the RSHE meeting below. Please email me if you would like a copy of the powerpoint I used to support the meeting.


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