School Council

Who are the School Council?

The School Council has two representatives from every class from Oak Class (Year One) to Aspen Class (Year Six). These representatives were elected by their classes in September.

Miss Moll joins School Council Meetings to record minutes and support discussions while the Upper Key Stage Two children take on leading many discussions.

What is the School Council?

The School Council meet regularly for Thursday Lunch Meetings.

The School Council is intended to offer the children a voice in how school is organised and run, and will take issues back to their classes to get input or collect votes.

What impact has the School Council had?

Some of the actions School Council has led on and changed this year include:

- Establishing and designing a ‘Star of The Day’ certificate which classes award daily.

- Deciding to establish Play Leaders across all Key Stage Two classes to support inclusive playtimes and continue to say no to bullying.

- Selecting a uniform to identify Play Leaders.

- Identifying adults in school who are particularly sought after to help with playtime problems or bullying.

- Changing the way that the Tuck Shop rewards are delivered and organised.

- Suggesting new reward ideas.

- Introducing boards which identify children with roles and responsibilities in school.

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