Attendance Coffee Morning

12 January 2023

Thank you to parents who were able to attend the coffee morning focusing on attendance and our procedures.

In response to feedback from parents last term, this forum was organised as a means to clarify the procedures we have in place following an update to our  Attendance Policy in September 2022. 

Key points from the meeting

  • Every family receives a letter at the end of each half term to share your child's current attendance figure. Even if your child has 100% attendance, a letter will be shared. This is to support with being transparent; if the school does have to contact you because your child's attendance has become a concern, it will not be a surprise.
  • Request for leave during term time for exceptional circumstances should be made using the request for leave form. A copy of this is in our Attendance Policy and can also be collected from the school office.
  • The decision to unauthorise an absence is carefully considered and made in line with set criteria as provided by the DfE.
  • Procedures have changed; this is in response to updates made to national policy following the release of new guidance, 'Working together to improve school attendance' in May 2022.


Parents who were able to attend did comment that they felt better informed and understood more clearly as to why they were receiving communication more frequently regarding their child's attendance. They also felt better informed about the school's procedures.

A copy of the presentation can be accessed via this link:


Other useful resources

NHS-Advice-when-your-child-is-unwell.pdf -help available in relation to supporting your child to achieve good attendance,

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