Eco Team

Eco Team meet every 2 weeks with Mrs Draper to discuss ways we can look after our environment in school.

Eco Team have been elected for this term. They are Ted, Khyra, Toby, Ava, Oliver, Gracie, Sienna, Jack W, Evangeline, Ethan, Coby, Belle, Owen, and Keira.

Mrs Draper leads Eco Team, and says:

" We meet about once every two weeks for half an hour in an informal way and discuss ways to make our school more eco-friendly and ways to make our ample grounds a better place for wildlife.
So far this year the Year 6s have worked on establishing our recycling bin systems – these relate to the green posters on doors and classes are getting to grips with recycling waste in the correct bins. We have also walked the grounds together spreading wildflower seeds in our mini wildflower meadow. We want to raise awareness around a variety of environmental issues so we are currently making posters which will soon be displayed around the school. "
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