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Welcome to our Year 3 Class page

Please see below to access our presentation from the Meet the teacher meeting for your information.

Yr 3 Willow pict

Claude Monet (1918) The Willow 

Welcome to Willow Class- Weaving a tapestry of knowledge


Our Year 3 Class is called Willow. 

Our Teaching Team: 

Class Teacher: Mrs S Wheeler 

Out Teaching Assistants: Mrs Baker (Wed- Fri) and Miss Day 

Class Overview 

Welcome to the Year 3 Willow Class webpage.  

Year 3 is the next stage in our children’s school journey. Although we are just next door to the lovely Year 2 ‘Cherries’ sometimes Key Stage 2 seems like a long way from Key Stage 1. 

In Willow Class we focus on growing the foundation skills in the core curriculum subjects like Maths, English and Science. Together with exciting and challenging subjects: History/ Geography, Art/Design & Technology, French, Computing, Music, PE, Handwriting, Spelling, PSHE and RE. 

There is an emphasis on fostering a positive, enquiring and collaborative learning environment, encouraging our children to nurture curiosity and critical thinking skills.  

The 'Old Buck Way': 

Embedded within our school ethos is the mantra: 'Ready, Respectful and Safe'. These three words are taught throughout all parts of our curriculum and are at the heart of our whole school approach. 

Our Values: 

At Old Buckenham, we also have 5 core calues which we teach our children explicitly throughout the curriculum. 

These values are: 

Respect      Honesty     Communictaion     Teamwork     Resilience 

In Willow class we use our teamwork and communication skills to grow and develop our knowledge. We always aim to be honest and respectful to one another and we are working on our growth mindsets to develop into resilient learners. 


This year we have visited West Stow Saxon Village. This a fabulous trip at the end of Autumn 2. The whole class had lots of fun exploring the different Saxon dwellings, were told a story by a ‘Medieval Lady’ in the Main Hall and dipped our hands into ‘Feely Bags’ to discover what the different strange objects were used for! 

We also had a ‘Live ‘ lesson from educators at Sutton Hoo about Saxon artefacts that were unearthed in digs at Sutton Hoo. 

We are looking forward to a trip to the Sainsbury’s Centre Art Gallery this term. Whenever possible, to enrich our learning, we take it outdoors.

We regularly have ‘Enrichment Days’ like ‘On-line Safety’, ‘Black History Awareness’ and ‘Handwriting’. 

In Old Buckenham Primary school we love to invite parents into school to really see and be a part of the learning. We have regular drop-in sessions and cafes and we enjoy open communications.  

In Willow Class every child has access to the online platforms:  

  • TTRS (Time Tables Rock Stars) 

  •  Letter-Join  

  • Numbots 

  • BoomReader 

Class Information:

We have PE on a Monday and Wednesday - on these days please wear your PE kit to school.

Please bring a water bottle into school.

We have homework given out on a Friday.  Please return this by the following Wednesday. 

All of our children have a log on to Boom Reader, please log your child's reading and watch them go up the 'Reading Rainbow'.

They also have a log on to TTRS, this is a useful fun way for them to learn their timestables.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24sqgVgwBOg TTRS 





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