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Posted on 1st Jul 2021

Year 3 visited Norwich Castle as part of their study about pre-historic times. They
had a wonderful time exploring Iron age metals used to make coins, learning how to
braid in the Bronze age, learning about and re-enacting the Stone age and they even
had the opportunity to be archaeologists.

Hedgehogs class visited Strangers Hall in Norwich as part of their learning in History
about Robert Kett. The children had a fun -packed day.

Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Kwik Cricket Festival at Framlingham
Earl school. After a year of limited contact, it was particularly enjoyable to be able to
mix safely with children from other schools.

Year 4 enjoyed visiting Old Buckenham Country Park, a chance to promote the
wonderful local community and participate in some Forest School style activities. As
well as their ‘virtual visit’ to London, they visited the Science Museum and travelled
on the tube, participating in a range of experiments.

Ladybirds class had a fun-filled day visiting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia,
learning about sea creatures. Through Google Earth, they took a virtual trip under
water and learnt about other oceans, countries, and continents, expanding upon our
recent learning around the world map.

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